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2013 Boston Pro-Am

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2013 Boston Pro-Am

Chefs and bloggers team up for an epic lamb dish throw-down. Only one team can win.

May 19th on the Terrace at the Royal Sonesta

  • Step 1 – Bloggers post original recipes and you vote for your favorite.
  • Step 2 – Chefs are paired with winning bloggers to collaborate on the final dish
  • Step 3 – You buy tickets.
  • Step 4 – You taste the dishes and vote for your favorite.
  • Chef/Blogger Pairings are:
  • WINNER! – Samantha Tackeff of The Second Lunch + Chef Tiffani Faison of Sweet Cheeks – Lamb Mechoui + Moroccan Marinated Carrots
  • Jacki Morisi and Meesh Zippelli of Just Add Cheese + Chef Louis DiBiccari of Tavern Road – Lamb & Feta Meatballs
  • Pam Aghababian of Cave Cibum + Chef Michael Scelfo of Russell House Tavern – Green Goddess Lamb Kebabs
  • Taryn Collins of Sweetly Serendipity + Chef Dante de Magistris of dante – Lamb Meatball Multigrain Flatbread
  • Nick Bucci of Front Row Eats + Chef Champe Speidel of Persimmon – Braised Leg of Lamb Tacos in Dr. Pepper Adobo Sauce with Medjool Dates
  • Malcolm & Jillian Bedell of From Away + East Ender – Indonesian Lamb Rendang


The American Lamb Pro-Am is coming up on May 19th at the Royal Sonesta Hotel from 2:30-5pm. For just $30 per ticket, you’ll enjoy 6 lamb dishes prepared by the chef + blogger teams above, lamb-friendly wines and locally-brewed beer, so get your tickets asap and we’ll see ewe at the Pro-Am!

Below is a list of all 12 bloggers – 7 from Boston, 2 from Portland & 3 from Providence – who posted recipes that they created using American lamb leg in their blogs. The top 4 vote-getting Boston bloggers, the top blogger from Portland and the top blogger from Providence are now paired with a chef from their respective cities and will compete at the American Lamb Pro-Am on May 19th! View the Chefs.

Let’s hope this post is coherent; creating this lamb recipe culminated in a last-minute feast with nine friends and a baby, and as these evenings always do, it ended with many rounds of drinks and a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. I’m thrilled to participate in this year’s American Lamb Pro-Am challenge alongside some of my favorite local bloggers and food-loving friends. (Well, I guess we’re temporarily enemies since we’re competing against each other!)read the complete blog post

Green Goddess Lamb Kebabs

Cave Cibum | Boston

I had such a blast cooking in the inaugural Lamb Pro-Am last year, I jumped at the chance to participate again. Last year’s recipe was so personal for me, and I was very proud that I got to the finals with that dish.

Because American lamb has such a wonderful taste (never that game-y flavor that most people associate with lamb), I didn’t want to make anything that would cover up the actual lamb flavor. A mix of herbs, I thought, would compliment that taste without overpowering it while also making the dish feel very the complete blog post

The Second Annual Lamb Pro-Am is upon us. Before we get into the details of the best meatball party there ever was, we would like to say that we hope everyone is safe and sound after yesterday’s horrific tragedy.

Today we bring to you our latest pride and joy – Lamb & Feta Meatballs paired with Cucumber Tzatziki Sauce. Last year we went all out with an epic recipe for Moroccan-style Lamb Chapati. This year we decided to take a different approach – a little simpler, a little more scalable, a little more Mediterranean and equally as delicious, if not more the complete blog post

I created a Greek-inspired lamb recipe. The Greek influence shouldn’t be too surprising - I’m always looking to regional flavors for my recipes. But the leg of lamb part – that’s something new for EatingPlaces.

Earlier this month I was invited to participate in the Second Annual American Lamb Pro-Am. Bloggers from the Greater Boston Area are invited to create an original recipe featuring lamb. After the recipes are posted, people vote for their favorite reciperead the complete blog post

BiBimBap with Ssamjang
Braised Lamb

Kathy Can Cook | Boston

This past winter I had a love affair with short grain brown rice (preferably mixed with soy sauce and sriracha, topped with an over easy egg and drizzled with sesame oil) – in my look for work, home for breakfast state, I was always looking for something quick and easy to make for breakfast.  Inevitably I ended up with over easy eggs on toast or whip it up quick oatmeal, but one day I decided to make myself some rice – it was less work to put rice in the rice cooker than it was to make oatmeal, and I would love the the complete blog post

Lamb Mechoui
+ Moroccan Marinated Carrots

the Second Lunch | Boston

Last week I ran out of my office in Haymarket, laden with my massive computer bag, and wearing flats, managed to sprint over to Tavern Road, a little over a mile, in 14 minutes. For a lamb party.

Tavern Road is the newest restaurant to pop up on Congress Street in Fort Point, and I’ve loved what I’ve seen (and tasted) so far. The restaurant is modern American, with as much attention paid to vegetables as to charcuterie. Last week I stopped by for a little pre-dinner, where I made my way through three vegetable dishes and a few slices of ham. The one that stood out was the grilled broccoli rabe with vanilla and hazelnuts, but everything was very the complete blog post

Lamb Meatball Multigrain Flatbread

{Sweetly} Serendipity | Boston

I think it’s only fair if I get this off my chest up front: I don’t like lamb. That’s probably an awful admission to make when I’m about to tell you all about the 9-pound leg of lamb I battled to create this recipe, or the reason I did it. But it’s the truth – and I always tell you exactly how it is here! the complete blog post

Indonesian Lamb Rendang

From Away | Portland

Rendang must be in my bloodstream, I think, a part of some core neural bit of circuitry that was formed when my parents took me to live in Singapore as a baby. While my parents left me outside to lounge in the tropical heat with my hired Amah, she must have been secretly spoon-feeding me the stuff, searing forever into my brain chemistry that perfect combination of coconut and spice. That’s the devotion I have to this dish. I can’t help but order it whenever I see it on a restaurant menu. Somehow, though, it never occurred to me to try actually making the complete blog post

When I was contacted by and the American Lamb Board about participating in the 2nd American Lamb Pro-Am on May 19 in Boston I was excited to say the least. As part of this challenge I was provided with a leg of lamb and asked to come up with an original recipe that will go up against other New England bloggers in an online contest. Starting on April 17 you’ll be able to vote for your favorite recipe – I’ll let you know when it’s live. The top Portland and Providence blogger, and top four Boston bloggers, will be paired with a chef from their city to collaborate on a dish served to over 200 attendees at the American Lamb Pro-Am the complete blog post

Dijon Marinated Leg of Lamb
with Mint Gremolata

Around the Table | Providence

Can I just say how excited I am to let all of you know I am in a Lamb Recipe Contest!Voting starts on the 17th ( yes of course I will provide the link for all of you to vote for me thanks for asking!)

I love the versatility of lamb. You can crust it in almost anything, slather sauces on it and use many different cuts to achieve recipe greatness. For this recipe contest I chose to marinate the leg of lamb in dijon, honey, mint and rosemary. What an amazing combination. To add a twist I added some bright mint in a gremolata which is traditionally chopped parsley,garlic and lemon the complete blog post

Garlic, Mustard and Rosemary Roasted Leg of Lamb

Adventures in Rhode Island Dining | Providence

Up to this point, my blog has focused on restaurants, with an occasional post about my travels.  Dining out and traveling are two of my favorite pastimes, but I also enjoy cooking and baking.  Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved to cook.  My mother and grandmothers are good cooks – there was never an empty cookie jar at Grandma O’s house, and Grandma P made a lard pie crust so good it would make you cry.  I won the state-wide Girl Scout Bake Off as a 10 year old and have been cooking ever the complete blog post

Hey everyone! We have some exciting news and we need your help. We were recently asked to participate in the 2nd Annual Lamb Pro-Am competition put together by Here’s how it goes- 14 bloggers from New England (3 from RI / 6 from MA / 3 from ME) are sent a monstrous, caveman size Leg of Lamb to create a recipe, post an article, and then YOU need to cast your vote on your favorite. Since you are visiting our website, of course we are going to ask you to be bias and vote for the complete blog post